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A single missing tooth in front of the mouth can cause embarassing moments. It can make the speech unclear, make you look funny and pull down your self esteem. But do not worry as there is a permanent solution for this.

A Single missing tooth in the mouth could be replaced in a number of ways.

Removable Partial Denture: The main disadvantage with this method is that it is removable and may come away unexpectedly. It can cause further gum disease or tooth decay if not maintained correctly.

Conventional bridge: A conventional bridge replaces the missing tooth by fixing crowns on adjacent teeth on either side of the missing tooth gap. The biggest disadvantage of this method is healthy teeth have to be unnecessarily filed and made into stumps to fix the three unit bridge.

Stick on bridge

Stick on bridge (Maryland Bridge): These are secured by bonding to the adjacent teeth on either side and are effective at replacing a missing tooth. Unfortunately the retention is not effective and can fall off often. They don't last indefinitely.

Replacing single missing tooth with dental implant
replacing single missing tooth with a dental implant

A single missing tooth could be replaced with either a removable partial denture, adhesive bridge or a conventional bridge. Each one of the above has it's own flaws. Modern dentistry today offers a simple solution with single implant placement to replace that missing tooth.