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We belive in educating, enhancing & and empowering our patients about dental implants.

Dental Implant Treatments

Have you lost single or multiple teeth or you have lost all your teeth? There is no need to worry. Dental implant treatment is regarded as the 'gold standard' for replacing a missing tooth or teeth and offers many advantages which may improve quality of life and give self confidence. A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium metal. It is inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of the natural tooth. An artificial replacement tooth is attached to the implant. The implant acts as an anchor to hold the replacement tooth in place.

Single and multiple implants

Single & multiple missing teeth

If you are missing just one natural tooth, then one implant is normally all that will be needed to provide a replacement. Larger spaces created by two, three or more missing teeth do not necessarily need one implant per tooth, however the exact number of implants will depend upon the quality and volume of bone at each potential implant site.

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Full mouth rehabilitation

Single & multiple missing teeth

If you have lost all of your teeth in your jaws, a full denture may work for a short term. But without tooth roots, the jawbone slowly melts, or shrinks, causing the denture to lose its snug fit. This can lead to potential discomfort. With multiple implants in the upper and lower jaw you can do away with dentures and get back the lifestyle you had.

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Advanced implantology

Single & multiple missing teeth

When the jaw bone has severely resorbed, placing routine implants would be a challenge. In such situations, the bone bed needs to be rebuilt with advanced procedures such as bone grafting and sinus lifts. Special techniques such as CT guided surgery, pterygoid and zygoma implants may also be necessary.

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Bangalore Dental Implant Center A consortium you would love to be part of...

Our Location A caring place for our patients

Bangalore Dental Implant Center is a consortium of dental implantologists caring and loving to rehabilitate patients with modern techniques of implant dentistry. Every associate member of this community represents BDIC in his or her own practice. At BDIC we believe in collaboration and working together to bring in that extra value that the patient deserves.

Bangalore Dental Implant Center Caring you...loving you... making you SMILE

Bangalore Dental Implant Center

Replace and restore those missing teeth. Make a difference in the way you treat by bringing in more value due to collaboration of different expertise.

BDIC...make a difference to humanity and healthcare

Bangalore Dental Implant Center

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BDIC Educates and Empowers it's fellow dentists...

While acheiving knowledge and wisdom is one part of our endeavour, spreading is another. We at BDIC believe that knowlege aquired should be shared. We train and enhace skills of dentists to incorporate implantology into their practice. BDIC's brain child 'Implant Study Group' has now become the hub for learning and collaboration.

BDIC believes in learning and collaborating...BDIC belives that all roads lead to success

BDIC's Charitable wing

Dental implants are wonderful solution for people with missing teeth. BDIC's 'help us to help you' initiative is to achieve that happy smile on even those people who cannot afford the treatment. We provide the world class care even for the poor at the same quality in our initiatives.

Inspiring courses for the fellow dentists at BDIC

Foundation program in Implantology for the young budding dentists.

Foundation program in Implantology

This program is to excite the minds of students and young dental graduates to taste the field of implantology.

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Advanced implantology for the aspiring dentists.

Fellowship program implantology

This signature program of ISG provides one to one training in both surgical & prosthetic aspects of implantology.

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Certificate program in Implantology for the high aiming dentists.

Mastership program in Implantology

For the practicing implantologist to take implantology to the higher level.

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